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Sit back, enjoy your drink, while we explain to you how we will sell your property in the most efficient and effective way.

This is why Island Prime Property is different from the rest.

Our director – Adam Keddy is proud to say that Island Prime Property is built on relationships and every day this is proven from our many referrals and let’s face it, you can’t beat ”word of mouth” advertising.

How do we market your property?

We are known for our marketing strategy which includes a number of major property platforms, social media, traditional marketing, collaborating partners, international advertising and many other channels that are tried and tested therefore we are confident that we will sell your property at the right price for the market.

As we always say:

“We are not an advertising company, we sell properties”

Okay, but how do we do this?

Correct Pricing

If you just want to test the water, you can hit the market with your property on your own. Or are you really serious about selling? This is where Island Prime Property come into play…
First things first and that’s pricing your property correctly and realistically this means involving you, yes you the owner together with Adam to make it sell sooner rather than never.

This is one of the most important things that’s often overlooked or simply priced out of the market, we set the correct expectations at the start therefore making sure you’re happy and hits the overall objective which is getting it sold at the right price.

Professional photography

The smartphones these days are making some great pictures however to have a professional eye taking the picture combined with a detailed technical understanding is a formula for complete success that’s where Peter comes into his own, our very own dedicated photographer.

Professional pictures are a must to showcase your property in the most effective way. We are proud not only of our brand but the properties we are advertising to sell, so let’s engage with the potential buyers and not turn them away at one of the first hurdles.

Examples of the pictures we have taken to showcase our properties:

Pictures is the first step so what’s next?

To sell a property in this day and age you must use a video which comes apart of our full marketing package. Videography is key
When you choose Island Prime Property to sell your property, we will make a professional video presentation and add this to the property listing page.

Have a look at an example to see a professional video in action :

360 Virtual tour

The first step is them all important pictures then an amazing video however we need to dig deeper and qualify these potential buyers without even speaking with them and what better tool to use that has no limitations like pictures or videos its our virtual tours. A buyer can simply take a deeper look around your property from anywhere in the world. The buyer will see exactly what they’re buying and some buyers are now buying from this tool and it’s becoming more and more, the new normal when purchasing real estate.

This method will cut out the time wasters and let’s face it we’re not looking to mess about just simply meet your expectations and sell.

We use the Matterport system which is a leading, state of the art software in its own right.

Check out a virtual tour:


Correct measurements and key information is a must and now expected by many buyers. Only one thing gives us this – a superb floorplan. When we sell your property, we will make a floorplan. This will again help us show your property perfectly and give a fantastic representation of your property.


Once we have all the marketing materials done at our cost and we work on a ” no sale, no fee basis” and DO NOT require a marketing contribution before we even get started.

We invest so you don’t have to and that’s how confident we are.. Then the fun begins, we upload your property to many online platforms.

  • Our own website
  • Social media platforms
  • FB Marketplace
  • Idealista
  • Kyero
  • ThinkSpain
  • Fotocasa
  • Milanuncios
  • Habitaclia
  • Just to name a few…

We also work with other reputable agents that will advertise your properties based in Tenerife, Mallorca, Mainland Spain, Italy and the UK.

Its very important to have good relationships with reliable and trustworthy , professional partners that have been vetted and legal contracts are in place.

Next is the qualifying conversations

One of the most important things is qualifying the client and this is the art of eliminating the time wasters to the serious buyers, its our job and in the interest of all parties involved, that we simply don’t waste time and make sure the correct questions are asked, so there’s no confusion in regards what they’re viewing and their expectations match the features of your property. We are highly experienced when talking to people, managing inquiries, and filtering the potential buyers, so you dont have to deal with time wasters and continually disrupt your life when preparing for viewings.

Negotiation Experts

The principles of fairness, seeking mutual benefit, and maintaining a relationship are keys to a successful real estate negotiator
Our knowledge base of the evaluation of your property makes us the best negotiator. We will guide you every step of the way and make sure you are more than comfortable when it comes to accepting the correct price for your property.

After the offer is accepted

We will help you every step of the way and liaise with legal professionals, bank’s for your buyers and help them with mortgages if needed, so don’t worry we’ll get it sold and keep you updated as we go.

As you can imagine selling a property in the Canary Islands comes with its strict set of rules and a complicated process. We’re there working with you and again guiding you every step of the way.


Island Prime Property can help your buyer with their mortgage…

We work with an independent financial broker that works with the most influential banks in Spain. Over the years, they have built up an extensive network of experts in the Spanish banking sector, which provides us with the opportunity to offer quick results, at the best possible rates.

We get answers today not mañana

After the sales

As soon as the signing at the Notary is complete it is time to say congratulations but in many cases theres still work to be done and Island Prime Property will always carry on our professional service finalising any further details, we don’t just forget you!… remember Island Prime Property is built on relationships.

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Let’s sell your property together and turn this journey into a smooth transaction.

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Island Prime Property sells your property sooner rather than later.

Salut and enjoy one for us…

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