How To Sell a Property in Tenerife?

How to sell your property in Tenerife ?

House with a pool for how to sell a property in Tenerife articleThis article we will outline the basic things to know when trying to sell your property in Tenerife whether that´s private or with a real estate company, using a real estate company is great but only if they know how to sell your property as there are lots of people acting as real estate agents and self-employed which sometimes can be detrimental to the property in regards marketing correctly, so be careful out there and a private sale can also have its downfalls so seek professional advice if needed but for now let’s find out how to sell your property in Tenerife.

Real Estate Company

Make sure that you are working with a registered company not a self-employed agent and that the company is a SL or SLU (limited company) in Spain. A real estate company should be using different marketing tools so check this out with them before committing and if they collaborate with other reputable real estate companies in Tenerife as this allows them to source buyers from all other companies which in turn will help you sell your property in Tenerife 

Here are some easy steps to follow

  1. Make sure you get professional pictures taken and if possible, a video showcasing your property in the best and most productive way
  2. Less is more when it comes to clutter around the property, so have a spring clean before viewings and get that clutter put away.
  3. Upload to the normal platforms like etc but if using a company make sure they are marketing your property correctly and don´t be afraid to ask what they do, let’s face it you’re paying them and they should know all the tricks on how to sell your property in Tenerife.
  4. Price your property realistically and ask for a valuation from the agent, remember what you need or want is sometimes not the market value so be open to suggestions regarding the price and therefore more likely to get interest which will lead to viewings and a potential sale.
  5. Have all details ready in regards running costs and plans if you have them as this helps buyers make the right decision and speeding up the process when that all important offer is accepted and paid.

Good luck

House frmo the air showing the ocean at the back in TenerifeTenerife is a sought-after island when it comes to property and be sure to do your homework and find out holiday rental income and other details that a buyer might ask, don’t forget not every buyer is buying for the same reasons so be prepared and then the sale will come, good luck and happy selling.

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