Why to choose Tenerife?

Why to choose Tenerife?

Tenerife is an amazing island of sunshine adventures and countless experiences. Blessed with a wonderfully warm and mild climate. It’s not christened the, ‘Island of eternal Spring’ for nothing! We have a huge raft of activities to offer you, on our beautiful island, the largest of all the Canary Islands.

Wall to wall sunshine on order all year round. Especially welcoming we think, to escape those bleak, chilly, long dark winter months.


Enjoy a day at a chic beach, explore one of the trails that venture into the lush forests, discover sleeping volcanoes and breath taking views, rugged landscapes that are almost not of this planet, gorges, ravines and cliffs. Spend an evening star gazing at the velvet skies, with a blanket of stars or make that dream of seeing dolphins and whales swimming in the sea come true! We have Canarian heritage spanning decades. An abundance of museums and idylic villages, beautiful churches, local customs, where time has seemed to pause. However we’re, no sleepy hollow!


Here you can participate in any sport. Land or sea. The island has several golf courses to choose from.  Island Prime Property is based in Golf Del Sur. Here this particular part of the island has beautiful gentle sea breezes, especially welcome in the height of Summer here. Promenades that you can stroll along, stop sit a while take in those captivating views,and continue into Los Abrigos, an idyllic fishing town, with a host of sea view restaurants, serving the catch of the day.


If you want family adventures, come and enjoy the fabulous rides at the fun parks, an absolute paradise for children, who will take home sparkling moments and wonderful memories of their family holiday.

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